The Kerberos Club

“Malum Necessarum”
“That gothic blight might as well be a brothel!” [Public]
“Break the Chinese dragon-breeding monopoly.” [Agenda]
“Trusted by the Foreign Office. For now.” [Legacy]
“Speak no member’s name an odd number of times on the anniversary of his initiation.” [Legacy]
“Why do people keep trying to blow up St. Mary-le Bow?” [Dilemma]
“Where did those ninja come from?!” [Dilemma]
“The Schweigsame Uberinstimung Will Be Broken and Scattered to the Winds!” [Agenda]
“There is a ledger in the archive that lists every person to enter through the doors, and the person who loves or hates them the most- but not which.” [Strange]

“Dexter’s Lost Love.” [Unknown]
Conviction: Dexter will remember me, even if I have to carve my name on his flesh.

“Julian’s Wife, Abigail.” [Unknown]

“Frau Totenkinder, Allegedly Reformed Witch.” [Ally]
Conviction: Keep the source of my power a secret.

“Inspector Nestrat, Unofficial Foreign Office Liason.” [Ally]
Conviction: Keep the world safe for Britain.

“Lady Blackwell, Seven Women in One.” [Ally]
Conviction: Woman’s suffrage.

“Familiar. Out-of-work homunculus.” [Ally]
Conviction: Beer.

Places of Interest
“A perfectly square house in Paddington with five corners.
Aspect: Corridor to Elsewhere.
Face: Frau Totenkinder.

“Julian’s London Home.
Aspect: Warm and Cheery When it isn’t Dusty and Disused.”

“Royal Botanical Gardens.
Aspect: Perfect place for a clandestine meeting.”

“Silverstone’s Alchemical Laboratory.
Aspect: Stocked at Expense.”
Face: Familiar.

The Kerberos Club

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