Julian Carey

Earl of Monmouth and dashing secret agent.



Super-normal: World’s Best Secret Agent (amateur)
Social Class: Earl of Monmouth
Conviction: “For Queen and Country!”
Conviction: True Love
Minor Complication: “Damn! More Tibetan assassins!”

Keeps His Secrets Buried
Broadly Educated, if Shallowly

Get in, Get out, Lots of people get hurt (E) (21)
Suave (E) (10)




Skilled X3
Signature Aspect: World’s Best Secret Agent (amateur)


Get in, Get out, Lots of people get hurt
(Physical Force, Leap, Climb, Move, Skulk, Hide, Security, Strike, Dodge)
(“Damn! More Tibetan assassins!” turned to a Minor Complication)
18 total

(Wealth, Networking, Influence, Esteem, Conversation, Convince, Guile)
(True Love turned to a Conviction)
7 total

Refresh: 2


Humble Beginnings: Julian was born to a wealthy, noble family, but the life of an English public schoolboy can certainly be humble, between the beatings, the bullies and the Latin lessons. Julian was expelled from Marlborough at 17, following his participation in the Rebellion against the school authorities. He finished his education on the continent. (Broadly Educated, If Shallowly)

Follies of Youth: During his Tour of the continent, Julian broke away from the rest of the group to visit Grand Florin. According to family legend, Julian’s grandfather on his mother’s side was a scion of that tiny country’s royal house. Little did he know that the heir to the throne, Prince Dieter, was virtually his twin so similar were their appearances. They barely had time to meet before Julian’s royal double was kidnapped, dragging Julian along in a whirlwind of intrigue. By the month’s end, Julian had traded places with Dieter almost a dozen times before Dieter’s villainous half brother was finally exposed and imprisoned. (Keeps His Secrets Buried)

First Awakenings: Julian was the one actually crowned King of Grand Florin, a fact he occasionally needles his relative with. He’s reasonably confident that Abigail was the one there for the wedding ceremony, but she’s always been rather coy about that. This set the tone for Julian’s adventures in Grand Florin, and the world at large. It was so hard to tell who was his ally, who was Dieter’s, who was Abigail’s, and who was an enemy feigning friendship. (Entangling Alliances)

Mysterious Origins: He left the kingdom with the gratitude of royalty, the good regard of several members of the British foreign service, and Abigail, an agent of the Prussians who was subbing in for Dieter’s betrothed. Julian and Abigail decided that they quite liked each other’s company, despite all odds, and stuck together. They were arguably married, after all. Over the course of a breakneck ‘honeymoon’ spent travelling the near and far east, the couple fell into intrigue after intrigue and were on opposing sides of the conflicts as often as they were allies due to their patriotic interests. That did not interrupt their relationship or their growing reputation as the two best spies of the age. (True Love)

Great Failing: Julian assumed that Abigail’s insistence that he stay away from the strange Tibetan mystic known as the Man with the Green Gloves was to protect the Prussian allied cultist. How wrong he was! Julian barely escaped his ambush of the Man with his life; Julian’s Sufi friend was not so lucky. (“Damn! More Tibetan assassins!”)

Julian Carey

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