Kerberos Club: Strange Corners of the Earth


GM: When Abigail asked Julian to do her “a little favor in Paris”
GM: you did not expect this.
GM: With the building next to you on fire, the demonstrators try to repair the barricade you’re hiding behind before the Gendarme charge again. They’ve fixed their bayonets. It is February 1848 and Paris is not as much fun as it usually is.
GM: (in medias res, motherfuckers, DO YOU SPEAK IT)
Julian Carey: (Oh, we’re past that!)
Julian Carey: (I DON’T SPEAK SPANISH!)
Dexter Maskelyne: “Julian.”
Julian Carey: “This is my second worst trip to Paris!”
Julian Carey: “It usually is lovely in the spring.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Do you recall when you made me promise not to send anyone on fire?”
Julian Carey: “Nope!”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Does that still apply if they are trying to set us on fire?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Hmm.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Then why aren’t these Gendarme burning?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “What’s the plural of Gendarme? Is it Gendarmes?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “My French is simply wretched.”
Julian Carey: “Gendarmi, I think.”
GM: Abigail requested Julian meet her at a hotel…on the other side of the city, past protestors, riotors, revolutionaries, police , looters and soldiers.
Campaign saved.
GM: The protests had been peaceful until someone discharged a musket by mistake. Now the city is in an uproar.
Julian Carey: “Well, come on. Complaining about not having enough fire isn’t getting us there any faster!”
Julian Carey reloads his pistol and keeps his head down.
Dexter Maskelyne makes a reloading motion towards his staff and likewise keeps his head down.
GM: A man sits next to you, wrapping a burned hand in an improvised bandage. “English, yes? You picked a poor time to visit Paris, I think!”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Why, is it usually nicer than this?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I didn’t want to say anything.”
Campaign saved.
GM: He laughs. “I am Claude! I had the msifortune of being mistaken for a revolutionary by the gendarme, and a policeman by the revolutionaries…”
GM: Julian, make a Super-Spy roll ting. You know, the whatever
Dexter Maskelyne: “Which are you?”
Julian Carey: (One moment.) [3d3+1d6-2 = 6]
Julian Carey: (There. that was weird.)
Julian Carey: 6
Dexter Maskelyne: “I’m a wizard. I don’t think we’ve chosen a side yet.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Julian hasn’t chosen a side either, but he’s not likely to. He likes shooting people, and if you’re on a side with someone you’re not supposed to shoot them.”
GM: His hand isn’t actually burned, he has several concealed knives on his person, and he gives you a bad feeling.
Julian Carey: “Well, Dexter, I have a plan.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Oh good.”
GM: Claude: “Then I hope to be on your side! I just want to get across the city.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “That usualyl means things are about to get much worse, which means we can start working on improving them.”
Julian Carey: “No, no. This is simple!”
Dexter Maskelyne: “This doesn’t sound like one of your plans. Did you hit your head?”
Julian Carey: “We’ll just go under the rioters. I still know my way around the Paris catacombs.”
Julian Carey: “The whole city was built on top of quarries. You can get anywhere from down there.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Sounds good. Let’s do it.”
GM: A smoking pitch bomb goes sailing over your head and splatters on some random Parisian, who dies screaming. Claude: “Yes, let us!”
Nick2 (Dexter Maskelyne): Quarry/Graverobber/Rabble
Nick2 (Dexter Maskelyne): Rats Rats Rats
Dan1 (Julian Carey): Rabble/Rabble/Rabble
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey looks for a likely building and runs for it, kicking in the door.
Julian Carey: "We might need you to melt the basement floor somewhat, Dexter.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Shouldn’t be a problem.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Wait: is it holy ground?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I’m just kidding. That’s wouldn’t slow me down at all!”
Julian Carey: “Taverns ususally aren’t.”
Campaign saved.
GM: Claude: “This building here” – he motions to something strangely untouched by the fighting – ‘Has an entrance in its basement."
Julian Carey: “Well . . . lead the way.”
GM: A group of rabblers walks an extra block to pull boards off a building for the barricade- ignoring the one you’re entering. They give it fearful looks, some cross themselves as they pass its shadow.
GM: Claude: “Let’s just hope no one is home…”
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey assumes Dexter will notice any magical threats or good wine, so concentrates on watching out for ambushes.
Dexter Maskelyne: IS there any good wine?
GM: You pass into a very, very luxuriously appointed lobby for what looks to be a fancy hotel or club. There are no mirrors or religious iconography anywhere.
GM: Claude: “This way.” He pretends to not know his way around, but he obviously does, and into a wine cellar you go. The vintages are EXCELLENT.
GM: But strangely untouched. Whoever lives here must never drink…wine
Dan1 (Julian Carey): Sadly, Dracula has not been published yet. Or Julian would just shoot Claude in the back of the head on general principle.
Nick2 (Dexter Maskelyne): I’m unclear why you haven’t anyway.
Dexter Maskelyne: Multiple bottles are pilfered.
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey does have his pistol out. And good killin’ knife.
GM: The building’s basement not only has an entrance into the catacombs, it has a whole corridor of locked, windowless rooms with iron doors.
GM: That you pass by.
Dexter Maskelyne makes sure that his wallet is clearly visible.
Dexter Maskelyne: If we’re going to get rolled I’d rather it were sooner than later.
GM: Yo uclimb down into the catacombs. “We’ll need a torch…” Claude says.
Julian Carey: “Or some magic.”
Dexter Maskelyne lights his staff.
GM: Claude chuckles. “yes, of course, of course. But a torch will do. Ah hah!” He responds, startled.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Was I unclear about being a wizard before?”
Campaign saved.
GM: Claude: “Yes?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I thought I’d explained it rather slowly.”
Julian Carey: “I thought that was because you were drunk.”
GM: “There is a lantern right here.” Claude promptly lights it. “So if that is a bothersome witchcraft for you, you may stop.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “not particularly.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Not particularly bothersome. I was middling drunk at the time.”
Julian Carey: “You should see him at the club. He’ll magic his paper to the other side of the room just so he can magic it back to him.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Now rather more than that.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Only if I have somethign I wish to show someone across the room, and don’t wish to walk.”
GM: “I Hope they will not notice you have stolen their wine. The owners here are known to be…territorial. Anyway, this way.” He leads on into the catacombs.
GM: (World’s Greatest Magician…World’s Laziest Magician…)
Dexter Maskelyne: “Stolen is such a harsh word.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I prefer to think that I saved them the trouble of offering it to me, as their guest.”
Julian Carey: “Borrowed, but they probably won’t want him to return it afterwards.”
Campaign saved.
GM: You pass by an open chamber with a bottomless pit in the middle. Hanging motionless from the ceiling, over a stone talbe, is a giant scythe on a pendulum swing.
Julian Carey: “Tsk. Lenoir had some issues, didn’t he?”
GM: There are several other chambers off the corridor you’re on, with similarly outre equipment. But not the fun kind, like you’d find in the Club’s basement. The cruel kind.
Dexter Maskelyne: “We DID leave that chap back in Baltimore, didn’t we?”
Julian Carey: “Yes. He could have taken a boat over here, though.”
GM: Claude: “Ah, keep down your voices, I think…we may not be alone.”
GM: Julian, do you have some kind of “I know alot about Europe” skill?
GM: accent recognization, that sort of thing?
Julian Carey: I got Alertness, Investigation, and a relevent aspect.
GM: okay
GM: roll
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: [4d3-8 = 2]
Julian Carey: Alertness: 5
Julian Carey: Pretty damn good for a normal skill.
GM: Whiel his “english with a french accent” is very good, the man’s a German. You can hear it .
Julian Carey waits for the next bottomless pit.
GM: You proceed into the catacombs proper, through a hatch.
GM: (Do the ossuaries exist yet? If so, you’re in one of those bone tunnels. If not, it’s a rotting coal tunnel.)
Dexter Maskelyne: They exist.
Julian Carey: (Yeah, they were put in last century.)
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: (I’ve actually just been reading a history book on Paris.)
Julian Carey: “I love the decor. We should import some bones for the club.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Is there a shortage?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “It seems a shame to transport them if they won’t be needed.”
GM: Claude: “Now, wher ein the city did you need to go, gentlemen?”
GM: Dexter, do you have any mystical sixth-senses or whatever?
Julian Carey: “I was going to ask you the same thing.”
Dexter Maskelyne: I can have them.
Dexter Maskelyne: I use Astral Sight all the time
Dexter Maskelyne: Not NOW
Dexter Maskelyne: Because where’s the fun in that?
Dexter Maskelyne: But sure, I can hex my staff so it points to Abigail
Dexter Maskelyne: [1d3+3d6+3 = 16]
Dexter Maskelyne: “That way.”
GM: Claude: “I am glad for the company. These tunnels can be unsafe alone…”
Campaign saved.
GM: Claude: “It would help to know where we must exit. No one built these to be easy navigation.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Hrm, can’t help there, I’m afraid.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Or, rather, not with this spell.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I COULD cast another. But that would be doing two things.”
GM: Claude looks at Julian. “You obviously had somethign in mind, monseur.”
Julian Carey: “I did indeed.”
Julian Carey points the gun at Claude.
GM: Claude: “Sir! There is no need for that!”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Sometimes there is.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “I’ve no idea if this is one of those times. Julian, is it one of those times?”
Julian Carey: “Indeed it is! And I doubt it’s the whiskey talking, either!”
GM: Claude puts his hands up cautiously after slowly placing the latern on a wall hook. “I do not know what impression I have given, but I assure you, I am just trying to survive.”
Julian Carey: “A mysterious german festooned with knives and fake wounds? Who happens to know the creepy way into the catecombs?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “german? Knives?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I feel I’ve been missing out. It’s like you’re playing a game without me.”
Dexter Maskelyne: OK, NOW we can turn on the Astral Sight and see what’s up around here.
Campaign saved.
GM: Claude pauses. “Ah, your dossier did say you were good.” He drops the accent. “I am hoping that you will lead me to your wife, Mr. Carey.”
Julian Carey: “Right now, I’m considering bringing her your head for identification.”
GM: “Now, now. Is that any way to treat a friend?”
Julian Carey: “You aren’t making a good case for you life. Friend.”
GM: “’I’m Mrs. Carey’s only hope to survive the vengeance of the Pavane.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “You know, Julian, I never take MY work with me when we’re vacationing.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I’m just saying.”
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: “The Pavane? This is her only hope to survive a dance?”
GM: “She has grossly interfeered wit hthe plots of the Parisian vampires, and they will find her. By sunrise tomorrow she will be dead…or worse.”
GM: And at that ominous statement, a chill wind rustles down the corridor, the air drops a few degrees, and the hair on your neck stands up.
GM: Claude looks alarmed. “One of them is down here! With us, now! We must hurry!”
Julian Carey: “I’ve read Varney. I don’t think this is anything to worry about . . .”
Dan1 (Julian Carey): Varney the Vampire is, of course, the best vampire.
GM: Claude: “Oh yes, becaue a blood drinking monster who could only be killed by depositing itsel fin a volcano strikes you as something you want to run into underneath Paris?”
GM: “I assure you, most of them quite enjoy their lifestyle and avoid volcanos.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Well, if we can’t bring Varney to the volcano…”
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: “I’m just saying, I never felt that Varney had any follow-through.”
GM: Claude: “He was a bit of a flake, yes.”
GM: Anyway that’s the cliffhanger


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