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GM: and you’d met up with Abigail, with Byron the vampire, at…a place?
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: A safehouse place.
Julian Carey: And shot the traitor.
GM: Right, right. He’s dead.
GM: Oh yeah, you’re in a subbasement of the Paris Opera.
GM: Abigail: “This mission can still be successful. We just need to destroy the Pavane.”
Julian Carey: “We are very good at violence. What does it take to kill a vampire?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “if it takes a demon prince, we have one of those.”
Julian Carey: “No! How many times do we need to go over this . . .”
Dexter Maskelyne: “At least one more, it seems.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: Well, Occultism roll to know what kills vampires?
GM: Sure.
Dexter Maskelyne: [4d3-7 = -1]
Julian Carey: Wow.
Dexter Maskelyne: Ersh.
Julian Carey: WOW.
Dexter Maskelyne: That’s not very good.
GM: hmm
Dexter Maskelyne: Fortunately I’m the WGM!
Dexter Maskelyne: [4d3-7 = 1]
Dexter Maskelyne: … yeah, I don’t use Occultism for a lot of things.
Dexter Maskelyne: Trained by the Best makes that a 3.
GM: Decapitate, burn the body. They’re Draculas.
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Excellent! Sounds like just the thing to help you work off some steam, Julian.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Let me know if you need help locating an axe.”
Julian Carey: “Why would I need to work off steam?”
GM: Abigail: “They’re vulnerable to holy weapons; we were using some Vehm on loan from the German inquisition, but…I’m not sure either of you can properly wield a blessed silver crucifix. For obvious reasons.”
Julian Carey: “Why couldn’t I? I mean, I get Dexter.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Does it matter what kind of holy? I may have eaten a lama’s heart once; I think that makes me a lama.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Or it makes me a devil. I’m pretty sure it’s one of the two.”
Campaign saved.
GM: Abigail: “You…ate a lama’s heart?”
GM: “How did it taste?”
Julian Carey: “Met one on the road, did you?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “It was salty.”
GM: Abigail (intent): “Is that because you added salt?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Yes. Met him on the road. We quarreled over ethics.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I challenged him to a magical duel, and I handily defeated him.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “In retrospect, he may not have been defending himself.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “That actually may have been the point he was trying to make.”
Julian Carey: “Well, be careful. It’s never just one Tibetan.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “In the near-decade that I have known you, we have been attacked by Tibetans on nine occasions that I recall, and every one of them was trying to kill YOU.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “MY enemies stay dead. Some of the time. In this particular case, they stay dead, so far as I know.”
Julian Carey: “It’s different Tibetans each time.”
Julian Carey: “I mean, I assume.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Well, I’ve already got fire; I shouldn’t need a crucifix. And Julian can use his axe, once he finds one. Let’s go find some varneys.”
GM: Byron: “Varney is in Rome.”
GM: Byron: “He likes to summer there.”
Julian Carey: “Not LITERAL Varneys.”
Julian Carey: “Wait, Varney is real?”
GM: Byron: "I know like, three. "
Julian Carey: “I assume that somewhere between two and three of them are faking it.”
GM: Byron: “Oh yes.”
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: “Well, regardless. We aren’t killing Varney. So hand me a silver crucifix and lets get this started.”
GM: Abigail: “Well, I don’t have one! My cache of vampire killing weapons was confiscated by corrupt gendarme.”
GM: Byron: “You can just say gendarme.”
GM: Abigial: “I know, right?”
Julian Carey: “Ugh. Well, we’ll improvise.”
Campaign saved.
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: Back to the catacombs?
GM: Up to you!
Julian Carey: Wait, do we know where the vampires are?
GM: did you ask?
Julian Carey: “Where ARE the vampires, anyway?”
Julian Carey: “The ones that aren’t Byron.”
GM: Byron: “Oh, their secret headquarters underneath Paris.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “That doesn’t sound like a well-kept secret.”
GM: Abigail: “We don’t know where it is.”
Campaign saved.
Julian Carey: “Disappointing. Do we know who knows?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Or do you have any items that were once owned by the vampires in question?”
GM: Abigail: “Byron does.”
GM: Byron: “Well, I do.”
GM: Byron: “But I can’t tell you.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Psychopomy is quite an advanced science, you know.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Hmm. Can you tell us when you were there last, Byron?”
Julian Carey: “That still isn’t what science means.”
GM: Byron: “Last night, for one of the bimonthly orgies.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Eww.”
Julian Carey: “Oh, that reminds me. Any plans for the 23rd, Abigail?”
Dexter Maskelyne: Astral Sight to trace Byron’s steps back to last night and hopefully avert my eyes at the most shameful moments.
Dexter Maskelyne: “I might not have been clear. Eww!”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Wait. Can I come?”
GM: Abigail: “The 23rd? No. Presumably I’ll still be bothering about this burn notice nonsense.”
Julian Carey: “Excellent. Maybe I can take your mind off it.”
GM: Go ahead and roll the rolling
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: [1d3
3d6+3 = 14]
Dexter Maskelyne: Yeah, THAT I’m good at.
Dexter Maskelyne: So, quick rewind and I should see where Byron was last night, and what route he took to get from there to here.
GM: The astral signature leads you up to the street!
Dan1 (Julian Carey): I’m not rolling. I’m just going to keep making pervy comments.
GM: that’s your job
Dan1 (Julian Carey): I accept these manly duties manfully.
Dexter Maskelyne: “All right, I know where we’re going. Let’s be off. Coming, Abigail?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Mrs. Carey, I mean?”
GM: Abigail: “Please, Dexter, you’re almost a friend of the family at this point. Well, an acquaintance of a friend of the family.”
Julian Carey: “He’s certainly an acquantance of Cecily. Probably. I’m sure she’s seen you at least once.”
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “It’s not as though we exchange Christmas cards.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Although that may be due mostly to my habit of keeping no fixed address, and burning most of my mail unopened.”
Julian Carey: “THAT’S why you didn’t respond to my invitation.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Hmm? Likely. Yes, we’ll say it was that.”
GM: Abigail: “You burn most of your mail? But I sent you that very nice card!”
GM: Byron: “I…I have been sending you postcards of my travels for…like ten years.”
Julian Carey: “It was very nice.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I had no idea! I started receiving death-notes about five years back.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Nasty things. Very difficult to counter. Easier to just avoid them.”
GM: Byron: “You haven’t been receiving my death notes!”
GM: Byron (pause): “that’s a joke.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “I’ve never quite developed a taste for Parisian wit, I’m afraid.”
GM: Well, lets go.
Nick2 (Dexter Maskelyne): And neither has Byron! Ba-dum!
Campaign saved.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Julian, could you tear a man’s head off with your bare hands? If he made you really angry?”
Dexter Maskelyne: “It’s just that, I can’t conjure flame while I’m following the trail. So I”m afraid I’m a bit helpless at the moment."
Dexter Maskelyne: “I don’t think I care for it.”
Julian Carey: “I’m confident that I could work something out.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “Excellent.”
GM: There are buildings on fire in the distance. The smell of smoke in the air. You’re in an area protected by soldiers guarding the Opera House, looking out via awindow. The city is in chaos. The astral trail leads you towards a church.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Didn’t think they were supposed to care for these…”
Julian Carey: “Of COURSE they had an orgy in a church.”
GM: It’s a large, gothic church. There’s probably a famouse example in Paris, but I know fuck all about Paris, so just imagine a large gothic church.
Dexter Maskelyne: there are several
Campaign saved.
GM: Well, this is one of them.
GM: Abigail: “I propose we burn it down with the vampires inside.”
Dexter Maskelyne: “We don’t know they’re in there. This is probably just an entrance to their lair. Which will be fireproof, if they’re at all sensible.”
Julian Carey: “While Saint Severin is an archeological treasure, it is a FRENCH archeological treasure, so lets do it.”
Julian Carey: “God knows they burn down enough of their own buildings.”
GM: (I’m kind of fading out, so the Battle at Saint Severin can wait until next week I think!)
Dexter Maskelyne: Sounds good.
Dexter Maskelyne: “Wait, you never let me burn things. If you’re on board let’s do it.”
Dexter Maskelyne: TBC!


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